What decisions affect your everyday life?

Everyday we hear about debates and senate meetings where votes are casted and discussions are made. We as citizens of the United States don't always get a say-so in the changes agreed upon in these private meetings between the individuals appointed in these federal positions. Recently, there has been talk about financial changes and mandatory reporting for personal and business banking transactions. Please allow the OneGripp commmunity to hear your thoughts and opinions.

How are the New Laws of 2022 Affecting You?

Many states have been drastically affected, constitutional rights are challenged and added to, parental laws have been changed and women rights are really taking a turn in this new year.


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Finding a way to stay positive can be challenging

Many individuals often forget that humans are emotional and lack the ability to stay positive every single day. Being able to focus and stay motivated doesn't have to be a daily challenge. Join this discussion and learn new affirmations you can incorporate into your daily rituals. Our members understand that the concept of OneGripp is to come together, network, grow and share valuable resources, information and inspiration with each other.

Managing Stress and Anxiety as an Entrepreneur

Words sometimes do speak louder than actions especially when you are in a situation where you need to hear something positive. Read some of the motivational quotes that our members have shared. If you have a daily affirmation, please feel free to add it in the discussion.


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Where Can I Find Free Business Information?

Take a look at one of our most valuable forums on OneGripp. We discuss resources for all industries including logistics, construction, retail, technology, marketing and so much more. The logistics industry has been one of the fastest growing so many of our recent discussions are focused on freight for carriers as well as brokers. If you'd like to share some of your resources and/or experiences, feel free to visit our latest post.

Where to Stand at a Networking Event

The best place to stand is right where people leave when exiting the bar. This way, they have a drink in their hand and they are ready to mingle.


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