What exactly is fracking? For those of you who aren’t aware of “fracking” it is the method used to drill into the earth and extract natural oils. The risks are not only dangerous and harmful to widlife but also highly impacts our air due to the toxic chemicals released during the extraction. The benefit of fracking includes keeping gas and oil prices down. But how do you feel about fracking? Did you learn something new? Tell us in the discussion.

Seeing how a president must be at or above the age of 35 years, should there be a maximum age limit on future presidents?
Discussion is happening now.

How can scientist determine how long the covid vaccine will be effective if this is a new vaccination that has had limited studies within the last year?
According to the FDA website, scientist have been creating this vaccine for the last three (3) years.

If global warming has caused us to have twice as many hurricanes in the last year, will it get worse from here on out or will there be a change?
According to an article posted on Nasa, our planets climate change will continue to rise. There is recorded data that has measured the duration of droughts, the rise in sea level and much more, that indicate that the global climate change is greatly impacting the future of earth. It doesn’t seem to be any immediate changes we can make to slow the affects of this natural process. However, we can all contribute to what is happening now. An example being, limiting your share amount of air pollution or being cautious when camping and putting out any man-made fires.

Do any studies show that the current wildfires on the west coast are a result from global warming?
This year we’ve endured many unfortunate natural disasters. One of them being the wildfires on the west coast in California.

Will these outbreaks ever get under control?
We sure hope so.