Located in San Francisco, California near wonderful beaches and an abundant amount of entertainment. This college is know for its top of the line professors and experts in the marketing industry.


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  1. The college here was a nice experience. My only gripe is that the campus didn’t have a great appearance and the security never really paid much attention to anything.

  2. I would go back here but the information was great when the professor actually knew what they were talking about. I can’t tell you how many times a student had to assist in the presentation of our lessons in class. My professor sucked and honestly I think she needs to retire.

  3. My only issue is that there aren’t enough staff per student. The classes can some a bit overcrowded because the professional has to handle so much at once and easily get overwhelmed. Overall I really like this college and would recommend it to anyone looking to get updated information on the same career as me.

    1. I on the other hand feel that there were an abundant amount of instructors and assistants. I’m not sure what class you were in but there were more than enough teachers, in my opinion.