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Where to Stand at a Networking Event

The best place to stand is right where people leave when exiting the bar. This way, they have a drink in their hand and they are ready to mingle.

Managing Stress and Anxiety as an Entrepreneur

Words sometimes do speak louder than actions especially when you are in a situation where you need to hear something positive. Read some of the motivational quotes that our members have shared. If you have a daily affirmation, please feel free to add it in the discussion.

How are the New Laws of 2022 Affecting You?

Many states have been drastically affected, constitutional rights are challenged and added to, parental laws have been changed and women rights are really taking a turn in this new year.

Moving through Failures

Most of us struggle with getting ourselves together after a fail or really bad situation. But after you begin to recognize that no matter how bad the circumstances are, and that your situation could always be worse, you start to become resilient.

Rise to the Challenge

Rise above all those who doubted you, who put you down, and did not support you. Rise higher than they could ever imagine and prove them wrong.

How Can You Differentiate Your Brand?

To help small business owners multiply their sales through effective marketing strategies, we asked company founders and business professionals this question for their best advice.

Cash Back on Anything

Getting cash back is always a great incentive just for downloading a FREE app on your phone. There are so many available cash back rewards from so many different companies. TopCashBack and Ibotta are two of the more commonly known brands. You can easily start getting money back for spending on items you’ve already been buying. Cash back can add up overtime and certainly be used towards a gift or two. Checkout some of the websites we’ve found and add to the comments if you have a few others to share with the network.

Where Do I Check the Public Information on my DOT Number?

Check your company’s information using the snapshot software. Gain insight on the following: registered entity type, operating status, company address, DOT number, MC/MX/FF number, number of power units, last submitted biennial update, operation classification and more.

When Do I File the Biennial for Truck Driving?

See the scheduled biennial due dates so that you stay in compliance and keep your information updated with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration using form MCS-150 or MCS-150C.

Are We Ready for Self Driving Semi-Trucks?

TuSimple a global autonomous driving technology company, successfully completed the world's first fully autonomous semi-truck run on open public roads without a human in the vehicle and without human intervention.