Creating a daily routine provides the necessary balance you may need in order to feel accomplished or motivated to be organized. Reciting a daily affirmation to yourself is not only motivation and encouragement to starting your day on positive intentions. It’s also rewarding in a way that it acknowledges your efforts to completing your goals for the day.

Read some of the daily affirmations that some of the members of the Onegripp community share in the discussion. Feel free to share your own affirmations and motivation.


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Here is what others are sharing about Daily Affirmations to Build Confidence

  1. 1. I am in control of how I live my life.
    2. I am allowed to take my own path.
    3. I put my energy into the things that matter to me.
    4. I am free to create the life I desire.
    5. ​I am capable of making my own decisions.​​
    6. I trust in my ability to make good decisions.
    7. My future is bright.
    8. I deserve success.​​​
    9. I give myself permission to do what is right for me.
    10. I give myself the time and space to grow and learn.
    11. Failure is just one step on the way to success.
    12. Taking small steps every day can help me achieve big goals.
    13. I have the freedom to set my own goals.
    14. I have the potential to succeed.
    15. ​I am open to future opportunities.
    16. ​I’m in charge of my life.

  2. I will continue to work on myself and build the path that I aspire to follow.
    Being a positive person and staying focus feels good.